At Least, There Were Horses...

The last few days I spent in London on a sightseeing trip with family and friends. It was the first time this year that I left Hafl alone for some days (really, where did all my vacation go?!). I knew it would be exhausting to drag five people around  as I volunteered as guide and organizer. And I knew, I would be missing my little Hafl. But then, there were horses in London, lots of horses. Not only the guards, also the police rode horses. I even petted one of those tall black guard horses (please tell nobody that I did not wash my hands afterwards such that I could at least smell horses for the rest of the day). And then there were those gorgeous gallop tracks in Hyde Park. On the way from and to the airport, we saw several barns and fields full of horses.

Have a look at some of the pictures I took during my city trip:

My trainer sent me a pic of Hafl and I guess - or at least I hope - he missed me, too. While I was away, he had a well-deserved break after our last show for the season. We are back to business and continuing with our training plans now.

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