How My Haflsitters Make Me Feel Less Miserable

I have a new job and it is definitely the one that I wanted to do for years. Still, as we are acting like a start-up company, right now it takes a little more time than usual and combined with travelling, I lack a little bit of time for Hafl. And I feel miserable about it. Conditions in the middle of snow melt do not allow for huge turnout sessions and so he keeps getting super bored when I cannot show up due to longer days at work or being somewhere else. I was some days ago as I felt that I had to do it all and I definitely didn't want to ask for help, but I realized that there are times where you simply have to ask for help. It is okay to say that you cannot make it. It is okay that you are busy doing other things. It is okay to let others help you in taking care of your horse. You will still feel miserable, you will still feel guilty, you will still feel like a bad horse mom.

After my trainer rode him...

But asking for help is definitely the way to go. So I summoned up all my courage and asked my trainer to ride him once when I am away and identified to more Haflsitters for lunging, walks in the park and hacking.

Sending pictures of happy hackers

It feels strange to hand over responsibility in this way and the lists and photos I sent them to tell them how life with Hafl works definitely top million dollar machine manuals but I wanted to make sure that nothing can go wrong. But honestly, they are all horse people, they know how to handle a little Hafl. And they won't do him any harm and he will love to see some other people from time to time. With the right amount of carrots, he will definitely be convinced that I am not a bad horse mom. That I truly care and only want the best for him. And luckily, I have found the best Haflsitters that can be. I am so grateful that they immediately agreed on helping and after reading all the instructions carefully and calling me in case they are not sure along with sending hundreds of pics to emphasise that he is still alive, I am sure that this is a viable solution. Thanks to my Haflsitters, Hafl and I are extremely thankful for your help!

Today, a little late night walkie talkie

And a nice after rolling selfie...

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