Outdoor Season Opening

I think that there should be more public holidays in the world. At least in the equestrian world. End of blanketing season should be one as well as switch to daylight saving time. But one of the best days and thus, the one that deserves way more appreciation is the first day you can ride in the outdoor arena again after a long harsh winter in the indoor arena. Sure, you can go out for hacks in the snow, sure you can handwalk your horse even if there is ice and snow. But there is nothing like riding outside for the first day in spring.

I thought it would have taken much longer this year as we had tons of snow but last week Thursday, after my return from Barcelona, I made it. And Hafl loved it. It seems as if they feel easier and more comfy outside. With the sun shining and some wind blowing (as always in March around here), Hafl seems pretty fresh. Apart from that, I really enjoy having a 20x60 again as our indoor is only 20x40. We lost some practice on some movements during winter as we could not ride tests, so there is a lot to do now for us.

Eventually, short sleeves - breech body in the making

Our next show is already scheduled for the end of month, we will now concentrate on some test movements along with more work on suppleness. I incorporated much more lunging in our training plan as well. As my time is rather limited due to my new job, my Haflsitters are going for hacks at least once a week which is also good for Hafl's mood. All in all, spring is here and it could hardly be any better.

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