Most Awesom-azing Moment Of Last Week

Last week Monday, we had a ride with the judge session at our barn. As you could guess, I was pretty nervous. Hafl sensed it, too, and behaved like a complete idiot while I tried to put on the prettiest bandages we have while making sure that my boots were more than clean. And while I turned on the camera and let him stand with a halter over his neck at the wash stand, he somehow managed to break free and step into his reins. The result? a curb rein that was around his back leg (how is that even possible?!), and a broken snaffle rein. Oh my! Could it get any worse?

Actually, it did get a whole lot better. He felt amazing! Everything felt soft and easy and I did ride the whole test with ease. There were mistakes of course, but that was perfectly okay. The judge asked us to do some movements again to give us some tips on how to improve them and when we rode the canter half pass to the left he said that he had never seen Hafl do such a great half pass before! I was so happy I cannot tell. And normally, when I get told that it was good, I look at the pictures and videos and cannot stop criticising myself. But this time, there is a shot which I actually really like. It shows how much we improved over the last four weeks and it shows which way to go. This week, we are having a show and I cannot wait to ride this test again.

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