Preparing Your Land For A Horse

It’s such an exciting time when you decide to welcome a horse to your land. After all, the beloved animal can become a part of your family. And you could train your beautiful horse to compete in races. However, a lot of people make the mistake of not preparing their yard properly for the horse’s arrival. And then it can jeopardize your horse’s health and happiness while living with you. Therefore, here are some top tips on preparing your land for a new horse.

Dreaming of Hafl in my backyard...

Invest in a good stable

First things first, you need to find a good stable which can live in your yard for your horse. While your horse will spend most of its time out in the yard, it needs some shelter for the evenings. After all, they need somewhere quiet and warm where they can sleep. And a good stable is necessary when the weather turns rotten. After all, you need to keep them safe when winter makes an appearance. You can buy a ready-made stable which can go in your yard. Just make sure you choose one with plenty of space for your beloved new horse. After all, you want space for their feed and tack too. Or you could make your own shelter for your horse. In fact, it’s quite simple if you follow the guides for horse barns online. Make sure it’s solid before you go and fetch the new arrival.

Work on the paddock

For the sake of your horse’s well being, they will need a good paddock where they can exercise and graze during the day. After all, it keeps them happy and healthy when they are out in the fresh air. But before you welcome your horse to your home, you need to make sure the paddock is suitable for your horse. For one thing, you need to ensure there is a good fence which will stop your new arrival from exploring. After all, you don’t want them to make a great escape from your humble abode. You need to also make sure it’s okay for them to graze in this area. After all, this will keep them thriving if it’s in the best condition. You might want to look into animal feed companies who can help ensure your plains are perfect for your horse to feed on. In fact, they can give you raw materials which you can grow which will have the nutrients your horse needs to keep them healthy. And that way, you can ensure your horse thrives in the environment.

Be careful to sort out plant life
You also need to ensure the plant life is suitable for your new horse before you let them in your grounds. After all, while the plants and trees might look beautiful, there are some that can be poisonous to horses such as red oak's' leaves which will make your horse poorly if they choose to have a graze. Therefore, remove these if possible from your yard to keep your horse healthy. Or ensure the horse’s paddocks and stables are far away to ensure they don’t get ill.

And make sure your horse has enough space. At least one and a half acres of pasture is recommended to keep your horse happy and healthy.

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