Another Year Over, A new One Just Begun

After the "same procedure as every year" feasts for Christmas holidays, it was time again to think about what had happened over the year and making new year's resolutions. Last year has been weak in terms of success riding wise. It felt like we were total losers without any improvement over the course of the year. It ended up in me taking the decision not to show in 2018. Apart from that, I had what I would call a great year. With my new job offering me tons of possibilities to travel the world, I was happy enough to visit new places and meeting many new people.

Of course, where there is light there is shadow and so I also had to handle more difficult situations last year. And there were at least some things that I want to change in the new year. One of them is the lack of blogging. I hardly ever found the time to write, or was it that I thought there was nothing interesting to write about. I don't know. But in the last few weeks I got several reminders of how much I loved blogging and how it helped me to get in contact with people all around the world - and that there are actually people reading my stuff. So on top of the list for new year's resolutions: blog more. And here we go, this is just the beginning of a renewed blogging motivation. Happy New Year to all of you!

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