5 Reasons Why Your Horse Might Not Be Your Perfect Valentine...

With this week's Valentine's Day, I was tempted to share this picture of Hafl and me again:

I always hated Valentine's Day but at least I thought until this year that with Hafl by my side, nothing could actually go wrong. But then I gave it a second thought while driving down to the barn and I realized the following Top 5 why your horse might not be your perfect Valentine:

  1. You can never be sure they truly love you. Actually, I am pretty sure that Hafl loves treats and carrots more than me. Let's be real!
  2. They will never text you: I love you. Well, they have no thumbs, so they will never ever be able to do so. And even if, get back to 1. and ask yourself: does he really love me?
  3. They will never buy you presents. Indeed, they will never ever buy you anything or contribute anything financially. On the contrary, they take all your money and eat it. Literally.
  4. They will never cuddle with you on the couch on a rainy Sunday. Simply, because Hafl would not fit on the couch. And I have no idea whether he can climb the stairs to my apartment. Probably not. Maybe he can but I am pretty sure he would not do it.
  5. Their kisses are disgusting. Let's face it: they use their nose that has been God knows where. Uhm, honestly, we ALL know where their noses have been.....

You might want to look out for another Valentine for next year - almost 12 months to go!

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