Just A Little Bit...

Hafl always felt awful when riding with the double bridle. I always hoped that he would get used to the curb but no matter what he seemed to hate it. I spared ourselves the pain and only rode with the double bridle in shows. So I started to blame this fact for him not getting used to the curb.

Lots of spurs, bits and chocolate..

Better late than never I came up with the idea to try another curb bit. Before, we had a rather thick one with fixed cheeks - actually, the standard one you can find in all the tack shops. I asked my trainer whether I could use some of hers. Her mare is being ridden with a super light (and super expensive) titanium curb. Her gelding goes well with a curb with sliding cheeks.

Sliding cheeks - Hafl approves!

We tried the sliding cheeks first and Hafl felt comfy immediately. The sliding cheeks let the horse position the curb accordingly - in general, the bit is softer. And even though it is thinner and has a lower port than the standard curb we have, he felt more like being ridden with his snaffle.

Hafl's snaffle - and for now also double bridle...

Then we tried the super light titanium bit. He hated it. I don't know what it was but it felt like riding in the standard curb. To make sure that he wasn't just in a bad mood, I hopped off after 20 minutes of riding and quickly exchanged the curb with the sliding cheek one. And Hafl immediately felt better. I rode for another 20 minutes and captured the whole experiment on video. The difference was evident.

The standard curb - Hafl simply does not like it....

The moral of this story: whenever your horse feels uncomfy with his bit, bridle or saddle, saddle pad or boots: try as many other bits, saddle, bridles etc. as possible. Do not simply accept the fact that he probably does not like the curb (for sure, there is horses that simply do not like the pressure of a double bridle), go find an alternative. I feel terribly sorry that I did not start investigating earlier. What a shame, but at least now Hafl is getting a sliding cheek curb for his birthday.

These will be the last patent bridles for Hafl...saving money now for a PS of Sweden now...

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