5 Ways To Make Your Farm More Sustainable

The word sustainable is on the tip of every entrepreneur’s tongue and that’s because consumers are demanding sustainability from business across the board. But while this is a marketing and branding need for most businesses, it is an essential part of long-term success for those in the agricultural game. It is being able to harvest what you have in a way that does not deplete or permanently damage your produce - your crops and livestock. 

The future looks bright

Farming in this way will ensure that your land, your resources, and your finances will be maintained in the best possible condition for years and years and generations to come, which should be the goal of all successful farming operations.

The question is: how can you make your farm more sustainable?

1. Protect (And Perfect) Your Soil
For great crops to grow, you need great soil to grow them in. But that’s not the only reason soil maintenance is crucial. It’s also the best way to leave productive land for future generations, which is critical at a time of such food shortage. The best way to do this is to head online and search for something like “agronomy services near me”. This will allow you to protect and build your soil by improving your erosion control, adding more organic matter, and investigate the potential long-term impacts on your soil.

2. Your Water Is Everything
There is nothing your farming operation relies on more than an abundance of clean water. That is why it is so important you protect and maintain your water supply to the best of your ability, which can be done by upgrading your irrigation system, employing the latest water management tech, and working with your local community to ensure the water is protected in the future.

3. Rotate Your Crops
For centuries and centuries, farmers have been rotating their crops to keep the soil as healthy as possible and ensure the nutrients in the soil don’t deplete. The best way to do this is to plant different crops in different locations while ensuring at least 10% of your land is left fallow to let it replenish.

4. Diversify Your Energy Source
Farms use a lot of energy in order to operate, which is why you need to utilize alternative and sustainable forms of energy, such as wind or solar power. By doing this, you will be able to remove the reliance you have on fossil fuel-powered machinery and move in a much more sustainable direction.

5. Keep It More Local
A lot of people believe that the answer to eco-friendly sustainability is veganism. But this will only have an impact if that veg is local because flying it halfway around the world has very little environmental benefits. So, to avoid the impact of greenhouse gases, try and sell your produce locally, something FarmDrop is trying to pioneer. Not only will this mean less traveling, it will also require less packaging, which is the hot topic of today. And that’s not all. Selling locally will also boost your local economy, the importance of which cannot be stressed enough.

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