How Much Water Does Your Horse Need?

Being such large creatures, it makes sense that a horse would need quite a bit to drink. Like humans, they rely on this resource to support a wide range of their bodily functions, and will get most of it directly from the source. Most of their food is dry, and they will burn through their water reserves very quickly, especially in hot weather. To help you to provide your horse with the right amount of water, this post will be exploring this area, along with the tools which can be used to enable you to achieve this goal.

On days like these, horses need a lot of water...

The average horse will drink anywhere between about five to ten gallons of water each day. Some horses are very small, though, and others are unusually large, creating quite a wide band when it comes to the amount they will consume. Along with this, environmental factors can also change the volume of water they need. In the heat, they will drink more, and some horses will need more water than others after exercising. To make sure that your horse is drinking a healthy dosage, it will be worth talking to your vet. This sort of professional will be able to offer loads of advice when it comes to equine nutrition.

Ensuring that your horse gets enough to drink is often best handled by giving them more than they need. Instead of limiting their intake to a set amount, you can simply let them choose when they want to consume the stuff. Animals like horses will rarely make themselves sick through failing to drink enough water, unless their owner doesn’t provide it to them. This is particularly important if you don’t have your horse at home. While you’re away from the stables, your friend won’t have the chance to get more water, and this could cause some problems when it comes to keeping them healthy.

Finding the tools to make this work should be nice and easy. Given that most horses spend much of their time outside, using rainwater is a great way to make this process cheaper. Companies like Tanks direct have a good reputation for providing quality water tanks for use in gardens and fields, giving you the power to get your water for free. Along with this, you will also need some troughs and an automatic refill system to help you to avoid having to supply the horse with water all the time. While this could be a little costly to get set up, the savings will be worth it, and it will make it easier to look after your horse.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your horse’s water supply. This sort of work can be a big challenge, especially when you don’t own the stables which your friend calls home. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of professionals out there to help you. If you need some more advice, your vet is a great place to go, but you could also consider the idea of asking people online.

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