Hafl Back On Track

And we are back in training! It’s been a little over two weeks now since Hafl came back home and we started with light training again. Interval training is our weapon of choice as it promises good results in a pretty short time frame. We ride and lunge alternatively and as soon as the weather allows (currently, it was rather fall than late summer), we will go for a little galloping outside.

Look at that butt

The wounds are looking good, I am pretty happy with the healing process. It might take some more weeks for the big one to heal, though but he is not in pain which is the most important thing. As we are now back on track, I have started thinking about our future. This year was almost show free except the one where my friend rode Hafl. What an awful year that was! In retrospective, it was ok as we would have had to take a break anyway with those surgeries. But when I watched the Haflinger European Championships, I felt the urge to be back out there again. I know that we improved over this calendar year and that another winter of hard training might get us into 4th level as well. Soon, preliminary show dates for 2019 will be published and together with a ton of changes to come, I am really looking forward to the shows and our comeback.

Looking great

And a little lunging

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