When Live Gives You Lemons...

The last few months have been a tough roller coaster ride. Starting off with Opi breaking down in Croation just to coming back home finding out that Hafl needs surgery immediately, followed by a holiday filled with sorrow, ending up in Opi's death. Yes, you read that right: my beloved car died. I guess there was more damage done than just some pipes and a thermostat when breaking down in Croatia. The result? Motor failure. At least, it was a quick and painless death.

R.I.P. Opi, you have been a true friend

Looking back on those weeks I worried, I worried a lot. I worried about how to get the car back home from Croatia, worried about how to get Hafl to the vet clinic, worried about how Hafl was going to survive the whole procedures. After a month in the clinic, I thought we made it. Hafl's wound is still nasty but he is doing great. And just when you start to feel happy again, your car dies. Leaving you without a towing vehicle, leaving you with the need to decide for another car.

Sometimes it feels that you just cannot take anymore and I have to admit, all those things seemed overwhelming from time to time. But there is no way that you cannot face the facts: if your horse needs surgery, you will find a way to get it to the vet. If you have to pay a fortune for it, you will find a way to pay for it. If your car dies, well, there will be another car. Sure, it might look like a streak of bad luck and not only once you might ask: why me?

Let's look at it from another point of view: what could be the upsides? Hafl needed to get rid of those nasty sarcoids and no, the timing will never be right, but this time, I was at least kinda forced to remove most of them. Did one not heal well? Yes, but it will in the end. It looks already way better than a month ago and even if it takes another year to heal completely: who cares? It might look ugly but he is not in pain and that is the most important thing. Did it cost a fortune to save him? Sure, but it is worth to invest your savings into things you love - even though that might mean that you have to pay the vet. And - there wouldn't be an alternative anyway, right? I've thought about it: no way I could have let him down. I know that they might come back and that we might end up in the clinic again in two years from now. But he is my only horse, the one that made me into the rider I am today, the one that taught me so much. And have you checked horse prices recently? A horse on the way to fourth level would cost much more than any vet bill in the world, so that decision was made easily actually.

You never know what lies ahead

Talking about my car, yes, there might have been a reason for that as well. He was already ten, it would have been a matter of time anyway. And with my yearly mileage of roundabout 40k km, how long can a car practically last anyway? I also have to admit that after the break down in Croatia, I did not trust him that much anymore. What if he broke down when towing Hafl? I would not want that to happen! Honestly, I was planning to buy a new one in two years time, time flies so actually it does not matter that I have to buy one now. I have already decided on a new one and I am just waiting for my car dealer to find one in my dream color.

Hafl is just happy the way it is

After all, there is a solution for every problem. As long as I am healthy, I will be able to find a solution, If that means that I need to work harder, I will. If that means that I have to earn more money, I will. So no matter how many lemons are given to you, in the end, it will just be a lot more of lemonade. Problems are here to be solved and give you a chance to be creative to find a solution. Do not let your problems drag you down, squeeze them and get the most out of them.

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