Dressage Clinic This Weekend

Well, I packed away all the horse shows stuff already (there is a big box with all the halters, white wraps, extra grooming kits etc) but I guess I will need it another time: this Friday and Saturday we will go on a dressage clinic with a dressage judge who is also teaching. The venue is not that far from home, I will go there with one of our barn mates. Still, going for a clinic does mean a lot of stress and takes some preparation: today I wore the beige breeches that I intend to wear on this weekend. Thus, they went straight away in the laundry. Good, they still need to dry but I should get that done latest Wednesday (give them two days, otherwise pockets will be still wet and you know what happens to treats when you put them there!). My blue shirts still need to be washed...all of them, I will definitely not get along with only one for a whole 2-days clinic!

Sure I will still clean my boots but there are too many days to go, so no need to worry for that before Thursday. Helmet! Yikes! I will ride with my brand new extra super bargain I made recently at a local tack store: a very vintage old fashion DARK BLUE velvet CHARLES OWEN HAMPTONS!!! Oh, I love this helmet! It will look perfect with the shirts that I still need to wash - you better not forget!

Of course, it was even a precondition for choosing my own outfit, Hafl's outfit is set. It will be a dark blue with beige lining saddle pad I bought exactly on the same day I made this sale of the century Charles Owen helmet buy. I have matching wraps for him which he will wear underneath (!) his transport boots just to save some time arriving at the clinic venue. That should work out.

I still need to clean the saddle (will do that on Thursday as well), as he will be ridden in his show bridle - that is prepared already - well, did I even clean it after the last show? I should better check that again - who knows what it currently looks like! Ok, I just remembered that I might need to wash the transport boots..they are pretty dirty...time is ticking!

What is left? Blankets, blankets, blankets and even more blankets! Halters, treats, food and supplements, a whip! I am sure that Thursday will be busy again and I should rather make a list - NOW!!!

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