To foam or not to foam....

Yesterday, I read this very interesting article about the so called "lipstick" on

I totally agree with the author's opinion. Thus, I am still looking for foam during a training session. Sometimes, when I have an absolute bad feeling about the ride, I find nearly no foam on Hafl's mouth. Today, when we warmed up, it was not that he was not chewing but still, there was no proper sign of real connection. I could even feel it as he made it very difficult for me to sit. Not like uncomfortable like he used to throw me around still last year but more that I got the impression that I was not sitting IN the horse but rather ON the horse. After some suppling exercises, it felt way better and when I gave him some treats, I saw the nice lipstick that I was already expecting. Despite fighting a little during these exercises, in the end it helped him to thoroughly use his back and offer a nice, steady connection on the bit. A very positive ride!

Hafl and his "lipstick"

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