The importance of the warm up

When going on shows, I always have a plan about our warm up which most likely will not work. I am even trying to start with the same warm up procedure at home every day I ride. Still, at the show either I am too stiff and not concentrated enough or Hafl gets distracted or the warm up arena is simply to crowded. So I almost every time have the feeling that the warm up is not good enough. I tried walk only, trotting for hours in with a low neck, lungeing first...but I haven't found the ideal yet.

Very bad walk in the warm up last year roundabout early summer

The trot is better, but I am not balanced enough
The canter, our biggest issue, again both of us rather unbalanced

Thus, I am always looking for new warm up ideas and tips and I read this article today that I want to share. It is about the Dos and Don'ts of a good warm up:

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