Countdown to Christmas....

...big need for starting our list of wishes:

Right, the horse is already there but like with every (and I mean EVERY) occasion, equestrian list of wishes are pretty easy to foresee: horse stuff, horse stuff and even more horse stuff. It would be that easy if everybody was into horses, I would have plenty of ideas for presents. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue what to give my family for Christmas, but I would know immediately what Hafl needed.

Let's see what he could need: a new cavesson, made of leather instead of the German style one that we have currently. I guess he also needs a new no-fill turnout rug - ok, to be honest, no need to rush, only colder days to come so he can live with the medium and heavy weight for now.

This Saturday, I will drive to Salzburg to the Pappas Amadeus Horse Indoors. There will be a fair connected to the show arena, so there will be viewing the indoor eventing and some shopping. For sure, I will find something even though we do not really need something right now. Come on it is Christmas, he needs to get a present!

A report on this trip will follow. Here is the link to the event's website:

I have not visited a horse fair for years now...Actually, it was already three years ago and I just found one picture from it (the only thing you can see is Sponge Bob - Isn't that weird!?):

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