Winter Wonderland - Video Series Part 1

In the last couple of years, there was always plenty of snow in Austria. Not always for Christmas (remember that last year we had something like 15°C on December 24!) but around that or at least in the new year. There was a time when I still had a second horse, a Standardbred, who knew driving. So one winter we decided to go for a sleigh ride.

That was so much fun I cannot tell. Of course, I never drove, we did not have any harness, nor a sleigh. So we did it MacGyver style: we took a standard sleigh and some lunges and a breast plate and there we went. He was such a good and patient horse and with a non-asphalt snowy road we had perfect conditions for a nice ride. Evamaria was of course part of this, a tripod, a cam and a DSLR made together some unforgettable moments. We had so much fun and I am thankful that we could experience that <3

Here are some pictures and of course, the link to the first video in the series: Winter Wonderland :)

And here is the video:

The other videos will follow!

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