Dirty Dressage?!

It is definitely a contradiction: dressage riders in mud splattered whites!?

For a photo series project, photographer Holger Schupp from Germany asked famous dressage riders to get as dirty as hell (and no, they did not wait until the horses did that job - they had stylists working on that mud look - pfffff). He wanted to show that despite dressage riders being always tidy and made up, dressage is hard work and pictures of dirty pants and co should support that statement.

Annabel Frenzen and Valentina Truppa
(Source http://www.lacavalieremasquee.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/holger-schupp-dirty-dressage-chio-annabel-frenzen-valentina-truppa.jpg)
Austrian  Victoria Max-Theurer
(Source: http://www.horseship.de/data/uploads/files/cropped/5d2339a0cf7b8940672cb9342fc0d3866eb65b0e.jpeg)

There is a nice making of video of one of the models at CHIO Aachen in 2012. You can watch it here:

Next time, Holger, you do not need stylists and extra photo shoots, just pass by on a horse show weekend and you will find me looking like that (styling a la Hafl) - would be way less effort and cost for you ;)

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