"Dressage for the Not-So-Perfect Horse" [Webinar]

Not all of us have those fanzy-schmanzy German/Dutch/Danish Warmbloods with "good genes": nice gaits, perfect conformation, bred to success. Most of us have "ponies" (more or less the Thelwell style) with the one or the other imperfectness in conformation, good but not extraordinary gaits, let alone that many of us including me, being amateur riders with limited budget and possibilities.  That makes it even more important to take a closer look at the not-so-perfect horse, those who might need that extra piece of advice to turn into glowing stars in the dressage ring.

Janet Foy, international dressage judge, clinician and riding coach trained many different kinds of horses up to highest level and summed up her experiences in a book called: Dressage for the Not-So-Perfect Horse. She was giving a webinar last year on her book with some tips and tricks from her book.

It takes almost an hour but it is worth it :)

I found the original hint for this webinar here:

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