Goals 2014?

It is day 2 of the New Year and apart from some general New Year's resolution, I was working in my head on a list of goals for 2014.

I just read horselistening.com's entry on New Year's goals here: http://horselistening.com/2014/01/01/top-ten-new-goals-for-a-new-year/ and started to think about my Top 10 goals for 2014:

10. Keep the level of ambitiousness. 
9. Make training as diversified as possible.
8. Work more with poles and ricks.
7. Develop a good working canter.
6. Improve my core muscles.
5. Work on counter canter and simple changes.
4. Go to a horse show in a foreign country.
3. Achieve a proper second level performance.
2. Finish the necessary points for the next license.
1. Go for next show level at the end of the season.

Above all, training should be fun, not only for me but for Hafl as well!

X Halt, Salute, Look at the camera

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