It is still a game...

Normally, I am pretty much prepared when driving to the barn. I have a certain goal for the training session in mind, a certain set up and order of lessons in order to achieve that goal. Today, we went for some ground pole work.

After some good rounds and cantering on both hands, I decided to get off and handwork Hafl for cool down. I was working on the Spanish walk for ages and it was working somewhat will standing still, but in motion, we had bigger issues. So, after some work on square halts I put the whip away and let him walk behind me. Turning round I raised my finger with which I give him the signal for Spanish walk. And all of a sudden, he started to walk, lifted his front legs and kept walking! Actually, he became pretty eager and fast and even managed to lift the front legs alternately! I mean, yes, there were some awkward steps but still, the approach was right!

I was so surprised by his sudden willingness and eagerness! He kept on walking and walking... this showed me that there is always one right moment in training and sometimes, these moments happen when you expect them the least. Like today, I did not plan for that, I did not even really work on that and there they were, his first real steps of Spanish walk!

Whenever you train, do not forget that it is still a game that you play with your horse and sometimes you have to be silly and unplanned to get a step ahead ;)

Screenshot from today's training video

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