Four Weeks to Go - Heading South for Riding on The Beach

Exactly in four weeks we will be in Italy and riding on the beach! I cannot wait for this as it was on my bucket list for ages. Feels good to know that we will be able to tick this off our goals' list this year!

Still, when I look outside the window all I can see is heavy "snrain" - it is not snow, it is not rain, it is both - that leaves not much confidence in being able to enjoy a ride on the beach in only a few weeks!

What's more, we will be again sleeping in a trailer - so we better be prepared (check this post for my last sleeping in a trailer experience here: Sleeping in a horse trailer)!  I am already looking on Amazon for helpful stuff like solar showers (will not work with temperatures and weather conditions like this anyway!), extra chargers for phones and a thicker sleeping bag - remember, it is SNRAIN out there!

Hopefully, the weather will change until then otherwise it could be pretty wet and cold.

The only thing that cheers me up - we could have pictures like this:

Ok, ok, I need to put "Photoshop Skills Improvement" on my goals 2014, understood!

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