The Anything's Possible, Nothing's Binding Luxury of Amateur Riders

Asked some years ago, I would have said: yes, it would be great to be paid for horse riding! I guess I was not aware of the fact that NOT being paid for it is the bigger luxury. 


Well, that gives me all the time in the world to develop and work with Hafl without any need to rush or hurry. Without somebody else than me expecting us to perform (because he is paying for that), we can approach our goals even with baby steps and there is no need for non-horse-friendly training methods. 

There is no need for Hafl performing highest level movements at the age of nine for example. No matter what he will be able to show, he has years of riding ahead and thus, does not necessarily need to show it already now (well Hafl, just give me some hints of what you are capable of - just that I can already look forward to it :D )

We can afford to play tag every now and then when we are not really motivated for a dressage session or go for a nice hand walk just for fun. It is not necessary to have fierce training everyday. (But when I ask for concentration, Hafl, I mean it!)

What’s more, we have plenty of time for the things next to training like grooming, cuddling and canoodling. I guess riding several horses a day I could not take too much of this extra time. (I have to admit - we have a new groom - more to come soon about that story - sort of feels like a pro)

Es g'hert mehr gschmust  (The world needs more canoodling ;) )

And probably the most important part: Hafl will never be sold like it happens with top riders and their mounts - like for example Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro (Sorry Hafl, in for a penny, in for a pound!).

Okay, the drawback is that I will never be a pro rider as I will never get to ride a top horse at the Olympics with top trainers on a regular basis but at least I can enjoy the time that I have with my horse – and it is way more that only riding!

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