I have enough tack - said no equestrian ever...

Have you ever heard somebody telling you that you have enough tack for your horse? Or have you said it already yourself? Well, I guess no one said that ever!

When we were at the fair on Saturday, I told my boyfriend of having roundabout 40 saddle pads and he looked at me like I was telling him about extraterrestrial life underneath my bed. He even looked more surprised and skeptical (with a sense of  sympathy for my obvious problem) when I AGAIN bought a new one! But THIS one is one that I did not have before! Okay, I admit I have a brown one but THAT one IS different.

Isn't that the most beautiful brown saddle pad ever????

After buying it, I told him that I ordered another one online just the week before. A navy one. We have several navy one, but that one is SPECIAL as there is embroidery on one side. And a different kind of stitchery. Well, to my boyfriend and all other non-horsey people around it is a navy one. Still the same as the several other navy ones I already have. Okay, I guess arguing about that is going to be very difficult and the more I think about it, the worse I feel about buying new ones.

So I went to the basement and sorted OLD and UGLY (actually, some of them are rather new and unused!)  saddle pads out – 19! I really found 19 that I do not need anymore. Now I am trying to sell them to somebody who will pay more attention to them than I did. And the cavessons (I have right now 3), the bridles (all sizes between pony and full – I need cob only though) and oh my there are still two saddles down there… Seems as I should start to put stuff on ebay…just to make some space for NEW stuff – WHOOOO HOOOO :D

Lots of unused pads....

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