Interval Training Week 4

We are now in week 4 (actually, even week 6 as we are skipping again the pole week 5), so we are through with 1/3 of the whole training plan. I was asked last week whether I can see already a difference. Aware of the fact, that muscles need three months to be built up, I can definitely say that I can see a sort of balance improvement. Obviously, his muscles are also strengthening already though I am not doing interval training more than twice a week.

I have to admit that the horses that were trained like that in the horse magazine where rather untrained before which is not true for Hafl. He was in good shape already before we started. Still, I was just today watching him in the mirror while riding and I could see his tail moving nicely left to right, he was not swinging his tail as much before. Further, his canter strides seem to get more and more settled. He finds it less and less difficult to canter on the small circles our tiny indoor arena only offers.

We will keep on working like that for the next few week, it will almost perfectly fit that we are through with this experiment when we head for our first show this season.

So, what's new this week? We finally add some more training phases and change rein only after every third training phase.

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