What it feels like to be a Working Horse Mum

Just returned from a nice long day at work and at the barn afterwards (admit I had dinner before I started writing). Well, it is like that at least five days a week: work, hurry (I am commuting), getting to the barn (clothes always in the car, getting dressed in the car - I am a master at that) and eventually, have a training session. I am not complaining, I am just highlighting that working horse mums do have to be very good time managers.

That also includes a lot of planning  - and what's more, sticking to these plans. So, there are horsey free evenings where I try to finish most of the housework (jap, still no cleaning lady around) on these days - as well as grocery shopping or similar things. I am proud to say that my laundry gets regularly washed and the apartment is neat and tidy. I am not spending any time on cooking though - Nutella on toasts is perfectly fine!

Of course, there are some things that clearly distinguish working horse mums from the rest of the working crowd: while everybody is already making plans about summer holidays this time of the year, I am just planning my days off to go to shows. And obviously there are many - which leads again to the need of constant work and dedication. Nonetheless, sitting on Hafl's back after a tough day is the best way to finish it!

Best view <3

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