Looking back - One year ago

Looking back on what I was writing these days a year ago: We were just about to head for our first show on the first weekend of March. Read what I wrote back then:

This year's first show will be crucial - as last year's saison ended up in a complete drama...thus, we were training really hard this winter (yes, training with -15°C is not that much fun) and hope that everything will work out in the end.

Last weeks were full of searching for the perfect new outfit - which we found! Still, there is much work left to get that outfit redesigned and customized...but even more worrying is the fact that we start thinking of the worst tests we can imagine and start to doubt that we are capable of overcoming our fears.

The next two weeks will be challenging....

I wish I could smile like that during a test

Today, I can say: yes, it worked out. What's more, I managed to smile during a test! And it was such a nice feeling.

What are my worries today? Well, we are again right about to start the show season, one month later though than last year. Today, for the first day since December we were able to use the outdoor arena. I am less worried than last year, in fact, I am curious whether we can see some improvements in scores and find our new weak points. 

The start of the show season also means that spring is around the corner - looking forward to both this year!


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