Horseworldproblems Part 1

I assume every equestrians sometimes feels like that: there are problems in our horse world only other horse people can understand. Number one problem right now: shedding!

Shedding season is for me really one of the most awful times of the year. It is ok that fur gets off the horse but it is not ok that it gets on ME.

There is hair everywhere, even in places you would not guess  - I won't talk about that no worries. My washing machine is already complaining and my car looks like Hafl using it for his daily trips to the tack store...

But there is one good thing about shedding: it shows that spring is coming!

Anyway, I hope it is over soon - at least within the next two week such that I do not have to groom a shedding horse for a horse show:


A good tip from a grooming point of view? Use a furminator, they are fabulous!

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