Compulsory Break...Too Bad!

Thanks to me being ill (ouch - since Saturday!), Hafl is on compulsory break still til next week. It is again bad timing to get ill just the week before we want to go to the first show in 2014 - but you cannot help it.

I was wondering whether to ask my barn friends to lunge him but then I thought: why not giving him a break? Weather is perfect outside, sun is shining - he should just have some days of spring wellness! And if he could have heard it, I was told yesterday that he had a great roll in the mud (I do not even know where there was mud as it is dry since last week?!) and that he is apparently fine with my decision.

Dirty but happy - last week - don't want to know what he looks like right now :o

To be honest, we would not be able to fix problems that we had for years in the last few sessions before the show and on the other hand, he will not forget everything he learned so far just because I am not riding for one week.

And it is by far not the first time of a longer break for him: the longest being after our accident in 2010 and last year, when I was in the Netherlands, he was enjoying the whole May off.

Hafl on his longest break so far, August 2010

Best thing for me is to get well soon and see that we make use of next week to get him supple again to start fresh and healthy (and relaxed and clean, guess who needs a bath next week!) into the season 2014! And: knock on wood - Hafl is sound!

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