I'm going on a trip and I'm taking ... with me…

A few days to our trip to Italy – and I am already panicking! As space is pretty limited (4 people in the car, 2 horses in the trailer), packing should be done very diligently.

I started already with lists of what I must not forget.

For Hafl, we need:
  • Saddle pad – the new one. We will be looking great on the beach pics – hopefully!
  • Don’t forget the matching bandages – not for the ride on the beach but for dressage riding on Friday and Saturday.
  • Saddle and bridle, girth: should be pretty obvious, still, would not be the first time that somebody forgot it!
  • Grooming kit: Thank God, the only thing that is always in place and packed ready for take off.
  • Halter and matching blanket, transport boots: easy as they will be ON Hafl and thus, cannot be forgotten. Just need to make sure that I take the transport boots out of my basement….
  • Bucket: Does anyone know if Hafl’s stall is equipped with a feed bucket? Just in case, let’s take a spare bucket.
  • Oats: You do not want to know what Hafl would look like without breakfast and dinner!!! It  is ok that we go to bed hungry but never my horse.
  • TREATS!!! What’s even more disastrous than forgetting oats is forgetting treats…thus, they are actually priority number one!
  • Documents: we should not interfere with Italian police…

Wish that show trunk would fit into the trailer's tack compartment...

For me, space is even more limited so I will only take the most important stuff with me: Navy blue helmet, boots, matching pants and shirt, some warm clothing as we will be sleeping in the trailer. No need for toiletries except deodorants: there won’t be a bathroom but it is ok as the conditions are the same for all the four of us in the car ;) 

Smelly travel back home everybody!

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