Love and marriage…go together like a horse and carriage!

Love and marriage, love and marriage,
Go together like a horse and carriage.
This I tell ya, brother, you can't have one without the other.
What Frank Sinatra possibly was not aware of (at least he was not mentioning it): horse and weddings go together as well! They actually fit perfectly! 

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an article on an eventer bringing her horse to her wedding ceremony. There was a professional photographer taking gorgeous pictures and looking at these, I once again started to make up my mind on my own white wedding – oh yes, I know you were not aware of that, I will get married. One day. Someday. Definitely! Just waiting for the question (HINT! HINT!)!

In the meantime, let us start planning – you better be prepared! So what are the prerequisites for a perfect horsey wedding?

  • We need horsey invitation cards: First what your guests will see is that – and with that they will be already pretty much aware of what to expect:
  • Standard for every equestrian wedding: here comes the bride comes - aboard her horse - we’ll do that too! Thus, the dress needs to fit for horseback riding:
I probably need two dresses as otherwise one might have stains or hair on it. Do not want to take any risk on that :o

  • Good shoes are essential:

  • And a garter:
  • A carriage is a good alternative – though Hafl could then not be in front:
  • And we need rings – the only thing you could sell in case the love does not last – how romantic :D: 

  • Somebody needs to dress up Hafl! I can’t as I will be busy with myself – the whole year before the wedding actually:

  • Then there will be horses on the cake:

  • Or horseshoes:
  • Our friends will be on their horses as well – to form a guard of honour: 

  • We need green fields and a castle for nice pictures:
  • We need an outside ceremony – to be able to ride the horse to the altar: 

  • We need tables outside to watch the horses:

  • Oh and there is at least ONE horsey accessory for the groom – horseshoe cuff links: 
With all these ideas, I guess the location question might be pretty quickly answered: Say good bye to beach wedding in the Caribbean, welcome guests allergic to horses and hay!

Anyway, that day will be great! I can already imagine myself:

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A note to my boyfriend: If you survived this, you will survive everything ;)

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