One month to go - to our first show in 2014!

Later than last year we are starting our show season this year in April only. That's good from several point of views:

Snow is almost gone meaning that there might be less mud until then. Also travelling will be no issue with clean and dry streets.

It is warm outside already so riding with short sleeves underneath your show jacket should be easily bearable.

There is light until half past six already so preparation in the last four weeks before the show is way much more fun.

No blankets will be needed until then, I plan to remove blankets by the end of this month. There are some believers saying there will be still some snow but I don't think so.

There is one major drawback though: we are in the peak of shedding season. There is hair everywhere. Though I am still hoping that this will be over in month from now.

From a training perspective, I am pretty ok with the current performance, hard work on the basics should be paying off now.

We are curious on what the results will be, but unlike last year, we are not afraid anymore. I really discovered the joy of competing and do not fear bad results anymore - it is ok to be imperfect ;-)

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