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I do not know what this is all about, I just know, when my human comes and gets me from the paddock on Friday afternoon and is completely hectic it can just mean that we are about to go somewhere. Normally, during spring and summer, it is NOT for a hack. I realize that whenever I get a bath – a pretty cold bath! And I mean COLD! But worst thing about it – no rolling afterwards allowed. 

Human, why? I only ask WHY!

Me being damn awesome pretty 

I need to stand still for hours instead! Did I mention the cold water already? Just to make sure as I am standing there waiting to get dry and I can still feel the cold. BRRRR!!! Now I am bored! Let’s make some noise for you human. Ok, she is not happy about that – why? I am just trying to tell her that I AM BORED TO DEATH, but she has no time, running around in a hurry. I don’t get that. What is it all about ----ohhhh, loading stuff into my mobile home, well, ok we are going on holiday! YAY! Human, I am still feeling cold and wait – oh yes, I am bored. Let me check if I can open the knot at the rope…so, my human yelling at me again. 

Do you know what would be perfect now? Rolling in the sand – yes, that would be it but instead, I am crosstied for hours now. Or is it days already? Have I told my human lately that I am bored? Wait! Now I am hungry! Ok, let’s tell that to my human.

No rolling, at least some grazing...

Still, no reaction from her apart from a red face. What’s wrong with you human? Need a shower? Reminds me of wanting to roll… I must have missed dinner already! Where is everybody? Good God, eventually she is untying me---still, no chance for a roll but at least there is dinner! Do I really have to go inside now? But it is NOT yet dark outside!!!

Ok, I NEED to roll and I am still feeling cold! Let’s find a nice warm and cozy place in my box to lay in during night! What would you do? Wondering what my human will say tomorrow morning when she sees me….. she will understand!


I promise, human, I will stay clean!

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