Show Reports - Part 1 - The good, the bad, the ugly

Our first show this season yesterday definitely fulfilled our expectations: the feeling was good, I felt comfortable and less stressed than last year, Hafl was motivated. I made some major mistakes and we did not get a ribbon - but still we had a good time.

It was also the first time with my own trailer, the first time with my boyfriend being my new groom and speaker - and he did a great job! Not only the trailer, also my boyfriend! Thanks for that!

So what were the learnings? Judges commented the following:
Ok, it was not THAT bad!

What did they really say? I need to make sure that I keep seated in the center of gravity and thus, get my horse more in front of me und improve the efficiency of my aids. Especially in the second level we need to focus on collection and more suppleness as we did not manage to be as relaxed as we were at home in walk. Highlighted were the roundness and bending in the voltes and that at least one medium trot was ok. The walk in general was not supple enough resulting also in walk pirouettes that were not as good as we can do them at home.

Still, I can completely follow the comments of the judges which assures me that I had also during the test already the right feeling of what was good and what was completely wrong.

we now have three weeks to work on at least some of the points, let's see what is possible then at the next show.

Apart from being a bit disappointed of not getting a ribbon, we passed by my parent's house yesterday after the show and a childhood dream came true when Hafl was grazing in our backyard. I always wanted to see a horse on that greenfield...unfortunately, no pictures as it was raining cats and dogs - Hafl was unimpressed as there was too much nice green grass - he did not even care that he was completely on his own ;)

I simply love him!

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