Pimp My Trailer Part 1

Just recently I bought a horse trailer second hand. I decided already last year after I bought the new car, that I needed a trailer. So I started to look through announcements on the internet and only found an appropriate one last month.

It needed to be black, as new as possible and as cheap as possible. Somehow, I actually managed to find something like that but of course, I am a perfectionist, there were some things to change and repair. First part of Pimp My Trailer – Hafl Edition: getting rid of the old stickers from the previous owner (“Rent this trailer! Tack Shop XYZ”) and get the Hafl Corporate Identity on it.

Yesterday, I had to work longer such that my boyfriend and his friend started without me. When I joined them, all the old stickers were already removed (yay, they saved me from the most awful part!) and we just had to add the new ones. But then it started to rain and a thunderstorm came up. Nothing could stop us though and pretty quick (no wonder, it was raining cats and dogs!) we were finished! And that’s what it looks like now:

I love it!

Next steps are: illuminate the tack department even if the trailer is not attached and attach protective rubber mats inside as the existing ones are not that nice anymore.

More to come!

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