Horses in Art – Dress up for a vernissage

Last week Thursday, we were visiting a vernissage of an exhibition called: Pferde.Kunst. It was linked to a horse show that will take place this weekend and showed paintings and sculptures owned by Lieselotte Ryall. At her barn, close to ours, the show will take place.

What a pleasure! So many nice pictures and sculptures! Imagine that all these pictures are normally hanging on the walls of her house – who wouldn't love to have such beautiful pictures at home? With that exhibition, it was again clear to me that there is a need for more horse art work later in my house then!

And this is us, dressed up and listening carefully to Lieselotte explaining the history of the picture shown (sometimes, you need to get rid off your breeches, too):

Well, we could have been in that picture

That was really a nice event! What I of course liked most about it was that it was art AND horses – can it get any better than that?
I love this picture <3
Photo courtesy: Nina Ryall

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