Horsey Fashion Part 3 - Pimp my breeches (and stuff)

In the tack shops you see tons of breeches, saddle pads and halters with embroidery and/or bling bling. Why not adding some bling bling to your stuff yourself? Sometimes, when I am really bored (happens!), I start doing some craft work on whatever comes into my hands: I pimped tall boots, helmets, saddle pads, show jackets, breeches….
Helmet Bling Bling Alert
Tall Boots Bling Bling Alert

just recently I decided that plain white is not cool enough for my new and very cheap breeches:

The new breeches

Anybody else doing something similar? Share your ideas and work  :)
Old Show Breeches
Saddle pad and Polo Wraps Customized for Evamirdl as a birthday present
One of my first saddle pads

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