Training Diary: May 16-18

Training Diary: May 18

What we worked on: In hand warm up + Cardio

That was very good: Wow there were some nice strides in canter <3 On larger circles, we were able to find a nice and supple rhythm with good contact and nice strides. I always tried to bring him back to smaller circles OR shorten 2-4 strides and let him go afterwards again. During long sessions of canter he not only started to sweat but in the end really felt fine and on the seat. I realize that he was listening carefully and with changing the tension in my core he was immediately reacting.

That was ok: Head was still too high and there was too much neck movement on small circles, on large circles the contact was fine.

That was not ok: Some canter departs were a bit wishy washy.

What we look at the next time: Keep the light contact in the small circles in canter and let the seat be the predominant aid. I should not stop the forward driving leg aid as I use to do – that will give the right amount of energy that he keeps moving and bringing his hind legs under.

For the next training I will: Work offline (offsaddle) on my Psoas. Stretching shows already some effects and I feel my legs being more flexible and moving.

What I discovered: There is a slight change in the tension of my Psoas already noticeable.

Conclusion: I did not think that this stupid muscle might be one of my biggest enemies. Interestingly enough, I started just recently with my stretching program and already now I can feel a slight change. It feels easier to move my legs, I can actively put my whole leg starting from the hip backwards – it still seems somewhat blocked but it is working better now that some weeks ago. Will keep an eye on that and also create a post about the stretching exercises I am currently doing.


Training Diary: May 17

What we worked on: Riding

That was very good: First ride in this week at all. I was suspecting him to be pretty still but after a good warmup with lots of lateral movements he felt great in trot. I was always trying to remember NOT to ride an extension when I was indeed riding an extension.  Apparently, this new concept works out. Canter was good but a bit hopping. Actually, too much in the small circles.

That was ok: Canter work.

That was not ok: Canter walk transitions.

What we look at the next time: Again, canter will be a major point to work on.

For the next training I will: Work on my lower back to better relax during canter.

What I discovered: Nothing special today.

Conclusion:  Some good extensions while thinking of NOT doing the movement when doing the movement in order to not hurry him.


Training Diary: May 16

What we worked on: Lunging

That was very good: In the trot we worked on tempi changes which worked well. We also did a lot of spiral in in canter and eventually, he was rounding his neck(back) when cantering on the small circle. I immediately let go when he did him and let him transition to trot.

That was ok: Trot work

That was not ok: Working on trot halt, which is somewhat working on the right hand but no chance on the left.

What we look at the next time: Keep the neck round and supple in “collected” canter on a small circle for more than 2-3 strides.

For the next training I will: Work on the canter on smaller circles while riding.

What I discovered: It took ages until he let his neck fall down on the small circles in canter, but when he did, he looked pretty nice and supple. Still, we are using the technique of holding the whip above his croup to make him sit more.

Conclusion: There is no better cure than canter, canter, canter. I thought that we were probably out of his comfort zone for too long but after the training session he seemed calm and happy. And tired.

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