Training Diary: May 6

What we worked on: Lunging + Above and Beyond our comfortzone

That was very good: Hafl felt good in the lunging work, I felt pretty awful in the trot. I tried some movements from our upcoming tests, half walk pirouttes were ok, no counter canter.

That was ok: Canter work.

That was not ok: Halts, one of the issues we also see in the tests

What we look at the next time: Counter canter and canter walk transitions - apart from still having problems in the true canter, we need to show a second level as well on Sunday so we better try to get a better result in the second level movements.

For the next training I will: I was considering my rein aids and tried to better feel the canter. Still struggling though.

What I discovered: Nothing special today.

Conclusion: A step back to work more on the basics, also a step back in the extensions.

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