Show Report Part 6: Nostalgic Comeback

I am a bit late with my show reports – already 3 are waiting for publishing, so let’s start with the “oldest” one, Zeltweg, Styria, in middle of June.

I have been to Zeltweg last year as well. It was the first show after my 1-month stay in the Netherlands at Classical Training and Breeding Moravita, Coevorden. Unfortunately, day 1 did not go that well but day 2 did. That was also the first show when we were sleeping in a horse trailer – see last year’s report here:

This year, Zeltweg was the most successful show of the year: 4 ribbons out of 6 entries, our first second level victories… and a night in the trailer again! But it was again a lot of fun. Here is what the judges said in detail:

We started with an entry in first level, Haflinger dressage test, and were placed third out of 5 starters, receiving marks of 6.50 with the best having 6.80 and the worst 5.80. Good were serpentines in trot, walk, bad was the canter, the judges liked the accuracy of movements but the connection was not good enough as he was a bit tense and thus not round enough in the neck.

Second, was another first level with 18 starters, we were placed 4th with 6.8, first having 8.0 and last one 4.0. Here, one of the highlights were the lengthening of the steps in canter, the canter departs in general, but transition to working canter was not good enough as well as lengthening in trot (at least one of the two). Comment was that the transitions within the gates need to be clearer.

The last test of day one was a second level test for Haflingers, two starters, placed first with 6.30, second starter having 6.0. We were hurrying too much tough, failing in the lengthening and canter walk transitions. Good were the half walk pirouettes. Final remark said we need to work on bending and connection (they definitely meant the canter).
Dinner in front of Hafl's stall...
On Sunday, we started with a first level, 15 starters, placed 9th with 6.4, the best having 7.50, the last one in the ranking 5.60. No ribbon for this test but an average result. Had some problems with canter depart during lengthening in trot, walk was not free enough, canter on one hand was lacking bounce as well as the lengthening of steps in canter. No final remark.

The other two tests were second level, he was already a bit tired and so was I such that we scored 6.6 in the Haflinger second level, placed first out of two (6.20). Too much hurry again in trot (Quote: Why hurrying so much?), 10m circles were ok, walk pirouettes were not perfect, connection in canter too free, over the bit in some transistions, so the final comment said we need to improve connection in canter and better prepare transitions with the leg.

And last we got a 5.80 in the other second level test with 7 starters, the best having a 6.70, so the result was not too bad either! Again, hurrying was the name of the game, the walk pirouettes had sort of backwards tendency, walk was good, transitions within the gates were not clear enough. Comment: Second level movements need to be improved, rhythm in canter, degree of collection.

Having our first blue ribbon in second level (though I have to admit, there were two starters only!) was a great feeling and marked the achievement of one of our 2014 milestones!

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