Horses! What else?!

The last few weeks have shown that my life is dictated by least ONE horse! Everything needs to be planned around him: How long will I work tomorrow? When will we have a lesson? When is the next show? When is the physiotherapist coming? Hafl needs his vaccination, Hafl needs oats, Hafl...Hafl..Hafl...

People around me (mostly horse people) seem to understand, all the others might not. Planning a whole show season ahead, having almost no weekend off...having so little time for vacation, going out, meeting non-horsey people, relaxing at home, going on some day trips with your boyfriend. Not getting tanned in summer (my mum keeps complaining that my legs are THAT white - even though I am half-South African!!!), not too much of swimming in our beautiful lakes, less than seldom hiking or any other sports activity - unless it is somehow connected with your horse. Talking about horses 24/7, thinking about horses 24/7, giving horses priority over almost (!) everything else. Spontaneity? Negative!!!

But WHY NOT? Why not doing something that you love? Why not thinking and talking about something you really love 24/7? Why not heading for shows and riding during 30°C and bright sunshine while others are lying on the beach? Why not having a detailed schedule and planning?

We horse people might be worse than other athletes but that is ok! A 500kg animal is definitely more work than a tennis racket! So, yes, we need to spend more time with our "equipment" than others. But - good news for all of the non-horsey friends of equestrians: with a little planning, we can free some time for you! And we can leave the horse one weekend on its own!

Unfortunately, some things will be left behind a bit - even with the best planning - that is why it was a bit qiet here lately! But I will catch up, I promise - just need to check my Moleskine for some free slots ;)

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