Our Five-Years- Haflversary!

Today, exactly five years ago, he was delivered - the horse that changed my life completely. I started searching for my dream horse back in July 2009. The criteria were pretty clear: 2.5 year old Haflinger stallion. Back then, only two could be found via Internet search that fulfilled the criteria. Writing a request to both of the advertisement, only one wrote back - Hafl's breeder. Shortly after that, we traveled to the stallion fields where he was raised during summers. I saw him for the first time in August the same year. He was just standing in the field, grazing, saw us, but more or less ignored us. Without having him seen walk, without really checking him with a vet, without trying to put a halter on - I bought him straight away! Oh my God, how lucky was I! It could have been worse I guess!

After another two months in the stallion fields, he was delivered on October 19 of 2009 to Rauchenwart, close to Vienna where I used to live back then.

He unloaded from the trailer, walked into his new stalls and was so calm and relaxed that I knew: that was the right decision!

Now, five years later, we had lots of ups and downs but overall, he was the best (horsey) decision so far - on many more years to come - to celebrate this day, I will give him a bath - and I am sure he won't like it at all ;)

Baby Hafl - he was alrrady back then such a cutie!!

The first pic I saw of him

The first pic I took of him when seeing him for the first time

Arrival in Vienna, October 19, 2009

First day back in Carinthia, March 2010

Our first ride, April 2011

Today, grown up and so beautiful

Thanks for the best five Hafl-years so far <3

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