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Hafl had a week off after his last show such that I only could start testing my new USG Tekna Carbon Dressage Boots on Monday.

The Tekna Carbon Boots (http://www.e-shop-direct.com/eshop/usg-reitsport/tekna-carbon-dressur-vordergamasche-5236/) are made of a leather like outer shell and a soft neoprene inner layer. They are pretty stiff first, but now, after wearing them twice they already start to soften. They are available in black and white - of course, real dressage divas go for the white ones.  As a dressage rider, we love things to be white and stainless but with boots, we normally have problems to keep them as white as they once were. These boots will be from now on our everyday boots - thus, we will see how long they will be white. 

I made a great bargain at www.equestrian.com when I ordered them - Pony and Cob Size, they came with a stamp saying M for the front legs and S for the rear legs. These sizes seem to fit well in length, the rear ones could be bit wider for Hafl's massive legs - but you can still close them and they turned only slightly on the first day as they were pretty stiff when putting them on. As previously said, today it felt better already.

Fancy enough there is really a "window" in the front boots to see the carbon - well, not that dressage horses a really prone to tough hits that would make carbon necessary but anyway, they make you feel safe about your horses legs. As shedding season already started, Hafl's hair grew already pretty long around his legs and with temperatures between 20 and 25degC I was wondering how much he would sweat as with bandages, his legs would be pretty wet. His legs were wet but not that bad, the neoprene in the inner side being only slightly wet.

It seems that the outside is pretty easy to clean. The real dry sand of our outdoor did no harm to the material (no scratches yet), only at the lower edges of the piping one could see some sandy color stains. Hafl's foam did leave some stains, too, but they could be easily removed with a wet towel.

For now, they seem perfect for daily use, let's see what happens when there is rain, and mud, and snow...

And here is a ton of pictures of before:

And after:

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