Credit Where Credit Is Due

The last few weeks there were several events where the accomplishments of this year's show season where honored. Celebrating in locations far off the show ring and in a dresscode your horse does not want to see you in, still feels awkward - especially when you see horse people you have only seen in stained breeches and at the maximum helmet hair before.

Definitely NO helmet hair!!!

I was happy to also be honored in one of these celebrations, beginning in November. It was the celebratory end of the Dressurtour Steiermark, a series of shows in Styria where the best results were counted and ranked in the different classes. Overall, we were placed 27th in the primary/secondary level ranking! Up to place 30, you even got money and so I was more than happy to meet the other winners and other placed riders - and get our price money which we immediately spent to buy new show breeches.
Please take a seat
Even too fast for the camera once I got the prize money
The second occasion was end of November, the Carinthian Rider's Ball, which is not only the end of the Alpe Adria Eventing Trophy but also an occasion to honor the most successful equestrians in Carinthia. 

Equipment manager and rider - inkognito
One of my barn mates got also honored as she finished 5th in the Alpe Adria Eventing Cup series. OH MY GOD I was so proud of her. We screamed and applauded so loud to make it even more embarrassing when here name was called out. She not only got money, but also a nice sweat blanket and Italian prosciutto and pasta - yummy! 

SOOO proud of her!

Oh my God, the coziest sweat blanket EVER!
Actually, I won something too. At the raffle. A snowboard. Well. Better than nothing I guess. Let's hope that we are among the best equestrians next year - such that we could also win a blanket, a jacket but definitely no more snowboards please!

MY snowboard - yay!

Congratulation to all winners of the Dressurtour and all the honored riders at the rider's ball!

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