Show Report - Part 15: The end is near...

OH MY GOD! Last show of this season in mid October in Weikersdorf - I was there last year as well for the season ending and I loved it - I was so much looking forward to this show! After the blast we had the show before I though nothing could go wrong! Well, yes, it could go wrong - and it terribly did!

Hafl in Weikersdorf, a place we actually really like

To sum this show up: IT WAS AWFUL. Awfully awful. Really awfully awful. After being spoiled from the previous shows I could hardly believe that the judges could merely find something positive in our tests - I had no clue what was wrong. Actually, my feeling was WHOOPIDDOOOO - how the hell could I be that wrong?!

Human, what have you done?!

Anyway, let's not dwell in bad memories AND let's not take this last show as indicator for this season. And yes, I was terribly crying and was so sad but looking back on the season as a whole - what can I say?

Ribbons do not lie - as well as trophies and winner's blankets! Booyah!

And here are the results of the final show season look back jury:

Earning next higher Austrian license RD2
First entries and also placed in the next higher class (LM, between second and third level)

Winner L-Cup Stückler
Winner Haflinger Cup Carinthia
4. Place HRSV Frohnleiten Trophy
4. Place Kleinpferdetrophy HCHC Weikersdorf

Qualified for the finals of the Austrian Haflinger Challenge in first and second leverl, finished 4th in first level overall ranking

109th place Austrian Dressage Riders Ranking First Level (starting from position 200 in 01/2014)
136th place Austrian Dressage Riders Ranking Second Level (starting from position 722 in 01/2014)
602th place Austrian Dressage Riders Ranking LM Level (starting from position 796 in 09/2014)
946th place Austrian Dressage Riders Ranking Overall (starting from position 1243 in 01/2014)

27th place Dressurtour Styria in first and second level combined class

Among others: third winner's blanket, 50th ribbon, 25th trophy....

To see the positive: with this bad last show I was highly motivated to start the winter training...who knows how motivated I would have been otherwise...

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