Every Year Again: New Year Resolutions!

Time again for new year resolutions and thinking about goals for 2015. Last year, I investigated why so many people fail to hold their resolutions and how you could make them work (http://www.dressagehafl.com/2013/12/time-fornew-years-resolutions.html).

When making my new year's resolutions, I am tempted to make some of these (a list of 25 commonly broken new year's resolutions: http://list25.com/25-of-the-most-popular-and-commonly-broken-new-year-resolutions/?view=all):

Thank God, there are some items in this list I do not need to consider - I do not drink and I do not smoke! Also out are marathon and biking (simply because). For the rest, yes, most of them are on my mental list...

25&24: Lose weight&exercise
Yes, we need to exercise more and we need to lose weight. I would rather call it lose fat because I am still convinced that you mostly likely gain weight when adding muscles. My core is better than it was a year ago but still, I need consistent training and I am on a good way to find a balance between eating and exercising.

20&19: Getting out of debt and/or saving money
Wouldn't it be great to have enough money to enjoy all the horsey things without thinking about costs? In reality, I already know now that we need some new stuff for the 2015 season, I have already a vague idea what 2015 show will cost (after making nice statistics in 2014) and I know already that we will have a training month in February with boarding at my trainer's barn including several times a week trainer lessons - not the best ground for growing savings. Still, I try at least to plan my budget better for 2015.

18: Eat healthier
As long as nobody acknowledges chocolate as fruit or vegetable - I will definitely not change my diet. No way even talking about that...

17: Get more organized
I definitely do NOT need to get even more organized, I am already way to overorganized. Maybe, for the sake of my relationship, I should actually take a step back from my desire to organize everything and everyone. In regards to horsey stuff, I think being organized is a good thing, knowing your show dates already now gives you time to plan (and organize horsey-free holidays around them).

16: Spend more time with family
Do barn mates count? Chrissi will come along for the training month in February - I suppose in this month, I will spend more time with her than everyone else.

14: Enjoy life to the fullest
I can only repeat last year's:

12: Travel
This year, Hafl will also travel for his first show abroad. Slovenia will host part of the Alps Adriatic Dressage Trophy and we are already looking forward to April! Apart from that, there will be some non-horsey trips as well.

08: Spend less time on Facebook
Well, uhm, no. It will be actually more time. The plans I have for this blog will make sure that I spend more time in social media networks, but also that I meet one or the other fellow blogger also in real life (again)!

03: Try an extreme sport
I will send Hafl for a XC - not with me of course.

01: Have a baby
Does a baby horse count?!

I think talking about resolutions is a good thing, holding them is another story -but doing your best to be a better you can never be a mistake!

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