Do It Yourself - Stylish Loop Scarfs for the Barn

I have to admit, having such a long time off without traveling anywhere leads to a certain kind of boredom - even worse, I started handcrafting again! ME! I laughed at my mum when she started knitting again some time ago, I shook my head when it seemed to getting trendy to see people knitting on TV or whispered OMG when somebody at work told me that his grandma started crocheting beanies.

Today in the snow - Hafl loves Selfies - NOT!

I cannot even remember when i knitted or crocheted the last time - not speaking of I would not even find a single needle in my apartment. So, what to do? Two weeks ago I saw a video on Facebook on ARM KNITTING (again, a sigh and a nice head shake from me first) - I somehow found it cool but quickly forgot about it. But then Betty started to share pictures on What's App about here arm knitted scarfs - and that is how it started. With only not really perfectly suiting wool from a 1$ store (it is a bit itchy), I tried my first scarf. It was tough to understand in the beginning but once it clicked, I could not even stop anymore. So, yesterday I knitted 3 loops for the barn - matching my new breeches (only a navy one is missing). And it is really easy and really fast. Give it a try! I will look for proper wool tomorrow (real thick one, not fuzzy, not itchy - and in CI navy!

Every scarf matches the new Team Dressage Hafl outfit <3

Here is the video I used to learn:

And maybe it is a nice present for you next friend's birthday - would my dad like to have one, what do you think?!

Oh yes they look good with the red team jacket

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