Friday Fun: Horses In Commercials - Budweiser and More!

By now, everybody (I mean EVERYBODY!) must have seen the new Budweiser Commerical - it made me cry, such a heartbreaking clip! Apart from the well known Budweiser Clydesdales, companies like Levi's, OPI, Volkswagen and Co used horses in their commercials. Here is a list of some:

We bough the wrong horse! Dressage Diva at its best! More than 1M clicks:

And some more "Dressage" and dancing. More than 3.3M clicks:


GERMAN PUREBRED - cannot stop laughing at that one:

Most famous dancing ponies I'd say, and soooo cute! LEGENDARY moonwalk! More than 10M clicks:


Riding backwards - what a good horse! Forget the prince, I'll take the horse! Also more than 1M clicks:


Some are more and some are less realistic. This one for sure, no equestrian would EVER do! Jumping on inappopriate footing! Come on GUYS!

We would have LOVED ponies as presents: 

I have no clue WHY these guys are wearing horse masks - maybe somebody can explain?

Wild ones at an old Marlboro commercial. Real men at work - with an interesting ending:


Treating cyclists like a horse?! How did that guy clear the fence on a bike? 

The horse whisperer trying to impress - but then, there is Pedro:

Last year's Budweiser commercial, the prequel for this year's clip, UNBELIEVABLE 56M clicks (edit: that video is not available anymore, here the one that was posted by WSJ):

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the actual commercial - get your tissues ready:

12M clicks in only a few days - I especially love the music! I guess it will be as successful as last year's - looking forward to many more such clips!

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