Yes, I Deserve The Cookie!

Today I got a reward. Actually, my colleague Magda nominated me for an award in the company - you explain why somebody in your opinion needs to rewarded and once granted, you can choose a small gift and get a certificate accompanied by a pin. So, today I got one these awards. Because Magda thought that I did a great job helping her from time to time with design issues.

To me, doing things like a nice graphics for a Power Point Presentation is no big deal and hell, yeah, there is plenty of people who could do it better than me, more professional, faster. And still, Magda thought I did a great job! To me, it could have always been better. Naturally, the first question that came to my mind was: do I really deserve that award? Was it really good enough?!#

Yes, I deserve the cookie! From time to time, we need to accept that we did our best and that this was more than just ok! We might not be the best, the fastest, the coolest, thinnest or whatever, but still, we deserve the cookie! Hafl would NEVER question whether he deserves the cookie or not. For him, it is given that good work, no matter how good it really was or how much better it could have been or how many other horses would have performed it a thousand times better, will be rewarded, with a pat, a "good boy" or, eventually for very good work, a cookie. And he will eat it and not think about it anymore. He will actually pretty quickly forget that he got one already or what he got it for.

Me doing the work, me will get cookie!

Being such an overambitious person like me it is often times hard to say: that was ok now, so sit down and eat the cookie. No matter how high the marks, how nice the comments, how big the ribbons: I will easily find a reason why things did not go well. Sure, the opposite, having terrible marks and just one nice comment (for the matter of being polite) and still behaving like having won the Olympics is also not desirable.

There will always be people better than you, but there will also be people not as good as you. A little pause to eat the cookie while you are continuously improving (at least, that is what I want), just gives you the energy you need to move on. Why asking yourself the question whether the cookie is appropriate or not? If others see you deserving it, believe them - you might be just to critical...

Thanks to Madga for this award and the lines you wrote as reason why I deserve the cookie!

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