A Sunday Well Spent Begins A Week Of Content

After inline skating around Ossiachersee (one of our beautiful lakes in Carinthia) thanks to car-free Sunday (at least once a year every lake is one Sunday totally free of cars allowing bikers, skaters, runners and whatever (should have brought Hafl!) to conquer the streets around the lakes), I visited Hafl in the fields (yay, green field time!). The 27kms around the lake were enough sports for today so we just took some pictures and had a nice relaxing lunging session on the cavesson, working on transitions. This week was tough for him. Alternating work day and day off we mainly lunged, double lunged and worked on canter in hunt seat (did I really count more than 30 laps of canter yesterday? GEEZ!). So relaxing lunging today was good for his (I guess sore muscles).

He obviously improved his top line during the last few weeks as he seemed to be more and more capable of dropping his neck and really running forward down and out. With that, this Sunday was simply perfect!


Hell no, I am not motivated.


Can I stay?

And here is the proof, me on inline skates:

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